AMTFlasher3 Personal OBD2 Flashing Tool

The AMTFlasher3 Personal OBD2 Flasher is an amazing device to reprogram your car or motorbike
The touch screen provides an intuitive step-by-step process to help you easily and confidently complete the remapping. All you have to do is connect the flashing tool to your vehicle OBD port and follow the onscreen instructions to read the original file. This is the file that we modify and email back to you with the modifications you request.

AMTFlasher3 Features:


  • Direct connection to the vehicle through OBD port
  • the ECU can be restored to factory settings at any time
  • Poweragate3+ is safe to use and user-friendly
  • Independently able to select and upload your map to your vehicle
  • Standard connection to PC via USB port to configure the tools (cables included).
  • AMTFlasher3 reads possible errors with DTC code, enabling you to erase them

The simple steps to sucess are:

Step 1: Read the original file
Connect the AMTFlasher3 OBD2Flasher to the vehicles diagnostic socket and follow the on-screen instructions to read the original file
Download the Personal Flasher software to your PC and then connect the AMTFlasher3 to the PC via USB, in order download the original file from the OBD2 Flasher Unit.

Send your original file to with all the your details and the cars/Bike details:

Year Model:
Engine Capacity:
Original HP:
VIN Number:
Your Full Name:
Phone Number:

Step 2: Tuning Preferences

What stage software (Stage 1 – No mechanical mods on engine / Stage 2 – Exhaust modifications / Stage 3 – Turbo Modifications ):

What modifications are made to the vehicle (Engine / Transmission / Clutch Related):

Special Request:

Please Note:

Once the tuning file is prepared you if the tool has been purchased as a ( Flash Tool Only ) you will be sent a link to pay the corresponding cost of the tuning preferences selected, once payment has been confirmed, 
You will receive the tuned file into your email, which you can then use the Personal Flasher software to upload to your AMTFlasher3 Personal OBD2Flasher
You then return to you vehicle, reconnect to the diagnostic socket and follow the on-screen instructions to write your tuned file

Important – It is essential that your battery is in a good state of charge before programming – if in any doubt connect a charger. Please also ensure that headlights, interior lights, heater fan and radio is switched off.

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